Product Design

Pie Charts are the Worst

Recently I’ve been leading the product design team at Amperity in a deep-dive into data visualizations: which ones to use for different use cases, and how to simplify them to highlight a narrative. We’re going through a great book I’d recommend by data viz expert Cole Knaflic called “Storytelling with Data”. Years back I took… Continue reading Pie Charts are the Worst

Product Design

The Design-Driven Startup: UX as Preventive Care instead of a Band-AID

I was honored to be asked to be a keynote speaker for the XD Leadership Alliance, a group I’d highly recommend to leaders in Product and Design. Thanks to the XD Leadership Alliance’s great team, here is the summery and full recording of the 50-minute talk I gave at the Columbia Tower Club on May 30, 2019:

In a world where design is often an afterthought, what does starting a startup with a user-centered design from day one look like? How do you make design a part of your company values? Together, we’ll contrast the process of adding design in later versus starting out with a designer-founder at the helm, approaches that drive startup design ROI, tactics for achieving design emphasis with tight startup resources, and pitfalls to watch out for. In addition, we’ll touch on ways to permeate company culture with design principles, whether your company was started with a design-focus or you find yourself adding it in years later.


It looks like you’re trying to visit Seattle…

Here’s one local’s perspective on how to do Seattle without doing the cliché tourist trip(e). I will update this as I think of more to add. HOT: Coming in mid-July through mid-September. Nowhere is better this time of year. NOT: Coming in June and packing shorts. HA! Welcome to what we like to call “June-uary”… Continue reading It looks like you’re trying to visit Seattle…